Modern technology allows you to work with higher productivity

Modern technology allows you to work with higher productivity

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“The quarry is unique in that it is located within the capital of the country and practically in a residential area,” said the managing director of Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ Kuldar Õunapuu.

The plant mainly produces fractionated crushed stone and unbound mixtures used in road construction and washed limestone sand, which replaces natural sand. The quarry does not disturb its neighbors, Lasnamäe residents.

New, less dusty technology is acquired in the production of crushed stone. “Modern technology allows us to work with higher productivity and less disruption – with the new production line we work only 12 hours instead of the former round-the-clock production. In addition, the dust disturbance, which used to be much more noticeable, has almost completely disappeared,”- explained the CEO Kuldar Õunapuu.

Blasting does not cause headaches for the townspeople either, as modern technologies were applied in the quarry. “There is no other producer in the world, who uses hydraulic hammers on such a large scale, i.e., 95% of limestone is not extracted by blasting, but by hydraulic hammers,”- confirmed the managing director Kuldar Õunapuu.