Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ

Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ, operating since 1959 (originally – Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ), has been the largest producer of crushed limestone in Estonia for many years, producing up to 30% of the local market. Since privatisation, the company has continuously introduced and implemented new technologies, such as the blast-free mining of limestone using hydraulic hammers, or waste-free production using water-cleaning technologies. Over the years, unique products and materials have been placed on the market, which significantly increases the selection of local building materials while allowing the company to carry out environmentally friendly production.

Our services


The company has two quarries at its disposal: Väo quarry and Maardu quarry. Väo’s quarry is one of the largest in Estonia.

Based on many years of experience and modern equipment, we offer a wide range of natural stone products.

The company performs subcontracting work using latest equipment, which uses modern technology.

Since 2003.y. Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ provides network services and electricity sales in two service areas – in the area of 94 Peterburi Road and in the area of 34 Peterburi Road

Since 2009, Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ has been constantly conducting research for the implementation of new materials and technologies.

Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ - leader in the implementation of modern techniсs and the latest technology


The company is a regional leader in the number of new Technologies implemented


The company conducts waste-free extraction of materials, what allows to minimize the damage caused to the environment.

Cooperation with the largest Estonian construction companies

Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ - official Keestrack distributor in Estonia

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