Chronology of the stages of new technology implementation:

  • 1995y. – implementation of technology for mass production of stone using hydraulic hammers (JCB+Rammer) ;
  • 1998y. – the first modern production line Nordberg;
  • 2002y. – the first сomputerized line DSP (crushing and sorting machine);
  • 2008y.- the first production line of washed limestone sand and gravel CDE;
  • 2010y. – the first asphalt mixture preparation equipment Benninghoven;
  • 2011y. – the first line for washing crushed stone with high clay content Haver;
  • 2013y. – filter-press Fracarolli & Balzan;
  • 2016y. – the second line of washed sand and gravel CAB
  • 2019y. – the first mobile diesel-electric stone crushing equipment Keestrack;
  • 2021y. – notarial merger agreement has been signed between OÜ Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi and Paekivitoodete Tehas;
  • 2022y. –  2 new Komatsu HM300 dump trucks;
  • 2022y. – new Japanese Hitachi ZX350-LC7 excavator with mounted hydraulic hammer Epiroc HB3100;

All of the above mentioned allowed us to significantly increase the production volumes and sales of products during this period.

During the last 10 years, in the construction of road foundations, the European Union has completely switched from fractionated crushed stone to unbound mixtures. With the Benninghoven equipment we can produce asphalt mixtures according to any recipe, moreover, one of the components of these mixtures is washed limestone sand, which is much cheaper than crushed stone.