About company

Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ, operating since 1959, has been the largest producer of crushed limestone in Estonia for many years, producing up to 30% of the local market. Since privatisation, the company has continuously introduced and implemented new technologies, such as the blast-free mining of limestone using hydraulic hammers, or waste-free production using water-cleaning technologies. Over the years, unique products and materials have been placed on the market, which significantly increases the selection of local building materials while allowing the company to carry out environmentally friendly production.

Thanks to its cooperation with universities and its international contacts, the plant has consistently sought and implemented innovative solutions. Over the past decade, Väo quarry has acquired a CDE limestone fines washing unit, a Fraccaroli&Balzan filter press, a Haver Hydroclean washing unit, a high-pressure washer for small fractions, a Benninghoven unbound mixtures line, and in 2016 a CAB washing line for limestone fines was added. All of the above equipment together forms a single technological line allowing full use of the extracted earth deposits and, for the first time in Estonia, making limestone extraction waste-free.

As a result of the abovementioned technologies and technological solutions, not only does Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ continue to operate, but it is no longer a technically and technologically “Soviet” company, having become a modern European enterprise by now. Despite the setbacks that hit the company during the last economic crises, we have been able to increase investments in new technologies by more than five times, and we continue to be a technical leader in our sector. To produce quality material, we have invested in both engineering and employee training, and we have a modern laboratory that performs quality control for each batch issued.