We extract block in 4 quarries. Our quarries are located in Tallinn (limestone Reval), Orgita (dolomite Orgita), and on the island of Saaremaa (dolomites Kaarma and Selgase and limestone Gasell).

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Saaremaa dolomite has been in use since the XIII century as a strong and durable building material, it has been used to lay castle walls and church walls. Good workability and weather resistance allow dolomite to be used in making tombstones, gate posts, balustrades, cornices, portals, pillars and fireplaces. Nowadays, dolomite has been used to finish many representative buildings in Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Riga, Vilnius and many other cities.


The production process of plates starts with preparation of the block using a diamond wire saw. Thereafter, the blocks are sawn using powerful Italian company Pedrini disc block-cutters. After that, the thickness of the raw plates is calibrated and the desired surface treatment is applied (either by polishing or by brushing, using a special line). The tiles are then cut to the desired length, calibrated in width, and chamfered. At the end of the line, the finished products are packed.

We manufacture complex items from scratch: from a vision (creating a 3D model) or a 3D scan to the final product.

Our works: Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU), National library in Tallinn, theatre “Vanemuine” in Tartu, the main building of Estonian National Bank in Tallinn, Synagogue in Tallinn, Castle and park complex in Petersburg – Kaarma dolomite cascade “ Zolotaya gora” – Peterhof, Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery in Petersburg, Sello Library in Espoo, main building of the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant etc.,

Selgase quarry

Kaarma quarry