Natural stone processing

Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ offers complex services for processing natural stone and creating exclusive interior designs, that will be the best decoration of your home and office.

About us

Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ is one of the oldest Estonian companies in the extraction and processing of natural stone in Estonia.

On 01.10.1967a. Estonian Soviet Republic Council of Ministers decreed to found the Saaremaa plant of Eesti Dolomiit workshop.


Brief description of the stone processing services we provide



The countertops are available in 3 options. Dolomiite Orgita (honed) and limestone Reval (antique and honed). These materials differ by the maximum length of the countertop – for dolomiite Orgita the maximum length is 200cm and for limestone Reval it is 220 cm (contact us, if you want to order a longer countertop).


Window sills

The window sills are available in four Estonian natural stones: dolomites Kaarma, Orgita and Selgase and limestone Reval (two surface treatments).



We have stone skirting made of different materials – Kaarma honed, Orgita honed, Selgase honed, Reval honed and Reval antique.


Floor tiles

Our selection of floor tiles includes tiles produced from our limestone and dolomiite (limestone Reval and dolomites Kaarma, Orgita and Selgase).




Granite | Marble

Works done

Our works: Tallinn University, Tallinn Synagogue, Castle and park complex in Petersburg – Kaarma dolomite cascade “ Zolotaya gora” – Peterhof, Art Museum of Estonia (KUMU), National library in Tallinn, theatre “Vanemuine” in Tartu, the main building of Estonian National Bank in Tallinn, Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery in Petersburg, Sello Library in Espoo, main building of the Riga Hydroelectric Power Plant etc.,

More information on Reval Stone website