Estonian natural stone is the material of the 21st century
Polished limestone Reval worktop in Sweden. Photo by @villaappel

Estonian natural stone is the material of the 21st century

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Estonian natural stone has a long and dignified history as a building material. The passage of centuries has not diminished either the beauty or the durability of the material – look, for example, at the buildings of the Old Town of Tallinn. Our domestic stone has been used in construction for almost 800 years. Reval Stone mines limestone in Tallinn, dolomite in Saaremaa, and the Orgita dolomite – near Märjamaa. Natural stone is processed according to the customers’ wishes at the factory in Saaremaa. Tallinn limestone and Kaarma dolomite have been used in construction since the 13th century. Orgita dolomite is known to have been used since the 14th century, and Selgase dolomite since the 18th century.

«Hand in hand with the increase in awareness, it is becoming increasingly popular to use natural stone also in homes, designing unique bathrooms, kitchens, and other exclusive interiors», says sales manager Janno Rauk from Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ, a natural stone mining and processing company that sells products under the Reval Stone brand, bringing the main good properties of natural stone.

The five most important reasons for preferring natural stone are a good price-quality ratio, durability of the material, easy maintenance, low environmental impact, and the timeless appearance of the stone.

Restaurant Art Priori in Tallinn. Reval limestone floor, staircase, reception desk and several other special details. Photo. Limestone Factories of Estonia OÜ

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