Disagreements over sand, gravel and crushed rock
Postimees - 06.11.2021 - There has been a war over sand, gravel and limestone even without Rail Baltic, but the government is dragging its feet and wringing the hands of anti-mining authorities, which are responding with numerous lawsuits.

Disagreements over sand, gravel and crushed rock

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According to Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ, the situation is even more critical than it appeared a few years ago and company agrees that the stock of high-grade limestone will be sufficient in Harju County for 5 years. In addition to large-scale construction work (Rail Baltica, Peterburi tee, etc.), our construction industry-producers of concrete and reinforced concrete products, who, among other things, export to Scandinavia, must also be provided with raw materials.

At the same time, in connection with the “green transition”, unprecedented investments that also involve large-scale construction work in other economic sectors and social life are coming to Estonia from the European Union.

Paekivitoodete Tehase O Ü is not only the oldest company producing limestone aggregates, but also a leader in innovation and the circular economy. It is the first and only limestone quarry, whose production is 100% residue-free and who, in parallel with mining, is also involved in quarry recultivation, after which it is possible to use these areas e.g. as technology parks. In recent years, we have steadily produced 1-1.3 million tonnes of limestone products, of which around 400-600 thousand tonnes are circular economy products obtained by recycling old residue hills and successfully replacing, for example, the need for natural sand, reducing the need for new sand quarries, which requires more road transport.

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