Could limestone be a symbol of Estonia?
Interior view of the Saaremaa factory, sawing of blanks. Photo by Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ

Could limestone be a symbol of Estonia?

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Estonian natural stone has many good qualities – including durability, timeless appearance, good price-quality ratio, and ease of maintenance. While limestone and dolomite have been used as building stones for centuries, today, these materials are also used for creating beautiful interiors. The predecessors of Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ, a company with a new business name, have been engaged in natural stone mining and processing for almost 65 years, controlling the entire process from mining to finished products.

Behind this new business name, the Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ, which was introduced only in 2022, are some of the oldest companies involved in the extraction, processing, and sale of natural stone in Estonia – Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ and Saare Dolomiit-Väokivi OÜ. The distinguished history of these merged companies’ dates back to 1959 and 1967, respectively.

Aerial photo of Saaremaa factory Photo by Limestone factories of Estonia OÜ

More than 400 million years old treasure from the earth’s crust

Tallinn limestone (Reval limestone) has been upcycled and used in construction since the 13th century, and one of the company’s quarries is located in Tallinn (Väo quarry). In addition, the stone is also quarried in Saaremaa (Kaarma and Selgase dolomites) and near Märjamaa (Orgita dolomite).

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