A recent survey showed high-quality building limestone in Jõelähtme municipality

A recent survey showed high-quality building limestone in Jõelähtme municipality

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The crisis in the raw materials market threatening the building materials market can be avoided, confirmed Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ geological surveys.

Based on the initial results, the limestone of the Maardu III deposit located in Jõelähtme municipality near Tallinn meets the highest quality requirements for construction raw materials.

 “If the state decides to mine the Maardu III area, then the need to open several smaller and more environmentally damaging limestone quarries in the vicinity will disappear,” said the chairman of the board of Pekivitoodete Tehase OÜ Vladimir Libman. “The distance from dwellings ensures the least disturbance to the community, the existence of the road network and power lines precludes the construction of new infrastructure on a large scale, the proximity to important construction sites and concrete plants reduces transport pollution.”

The limestone quarries currently used in Harju County will be exhausted within 5-7 years. On 08.01.2021, the Environmental Board issued a geological survey permit to the Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ for the Maardu III area belonging to the state located in Jõelähtme municipality, which includes real estate in Viimsi forest district 72, 73, and Pruuli. The survey specifies the thickness, quality, and mining conditions of the useful limestone layer. 

The geological survey is carried out by OÜ Inseneribüroo STEIGER, and this activity does not cause any disturbances. The fieldwork is followed by laboratory studies to determine the quality of the mineral resources, preparation of hydrogeological models, and a report. During the fieldwork, it is planned to build up to 20 exploratory boreholes with a depth of up to 20 m. Boreholes with a diameter of 122 mm remain initially open to measure groundwater levels and perform hydrogeological experiments.