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About the company

Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ, founded in 1959, has been the biggest manufacturer of slate gravel in Estonia for many years, and forms 30% of the volume in the local market. Since its privatisation, the company has constantly applied and implemented new technologies, like the cutting of slate without explosives using hydrohammers or waste-free production processes. Over the years, the company has introduced several unique products and materials that have significantly increased the selection of local construction materials, and at the same time have enabled environment-friendly methods of production.

In cooperation with universities and international contacts, the factory is constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions, and ways of implementing these. In the last ten years, Väo Quarry has purchased a CDE washing line for slate residue, a Fraccaroli & Balzan filter press, Haver Hydroclean washing equipment, a Benninghoven line for use with loose mixtures, and in 2016 a CAB washing line for slate residue. The aforementioned equipment forms one single technological line, thus enabling the full use of excavated ground and using slate without generating waste for the first time in Estonia.

The aforementioned technologies and technological solutions have enabled the continued existence of Paekivitoodete Tehase OÜ, as well as the transformation of the company from a technically and technologically “Soviet” company to a modern European company. Regardless of the setbacks we experienced during the economic crisis, we have managed to increase our number of investments in new technology by more than 15 times, and we will continue in the same direction. In order to produce high quality materials, we have invested in technology as well as in new methods of employee training. We also have a modern laboratory to conduct quality checks for each batch of materials that is produced.